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Your social life incorporates all the aspects of your interactions with other people and with our common society.
Many different activities can be part of your social life and your contribution to society. Taking care of your family or meeting with friends is one side of your social life. The other can be your engagement as a volunteer for supporting a social cause or donating with your mind or available resources (money, clothes, etc.) to support more vulnerable groups of our society.

Social Definition in History

Social Life

Human Interactions

Being part of society, of your group of friends and of your family gives you a great support for living a happy life. Having people you can rely on to share difficult, but also great experiences, which whom you can laugh and cry will fill your life with joy.
Helping our society to be more balanced and supporting more vulnerable areas of it will give you purpose and will create a better world in the long run. Everybody has something to give, be it from skills that can be employed, time, money, clothes, etc.
balecy will help you in finding the right time and activity to prioritise your family, friends and your involvement in having a positive impact on our society.

Social Distancing

We are living in a new paradigm where "Social Distancing" has become a part of our lives. Having this virus in our world should not stop you of maintaining relationships with the people you most care about. It should also encourage you to support the most vulnerables who are suffering the most in this point in time.

How to support your social life and society during quarantine times

Take time to call your grandparents more often than you normally would. Loneliness is a huge issue for their mental health.
Participate in online events and lectures, which you could have never been a part of in normal circumstances.
Look for opportunities to donate with your mind and volunteer to support NGOs in their work.
Take time to sort out your clothes and donate the ones you haven't used in the last year.
Stay at home and organize virtual dinners or pub quizzes with your friends.

Social Media

Join our community on Social Media and expand your social life there. We are creating a platform for diverse people to exchange their experiences and to challenge and support each in the journey towards sustainable happiness.