Take care of your inner-self


Taking care of your inner-self means taking care of your mind and body.

Your Body

Your body needs enough movement to stay healthy and active. You have to feed it with healthy and nutritious foods that provide the energy you need for your days. Hydration and enough sleep are survival necessities that your body needs. Healthy habits that nourish your body will help you reach your life goals.

Your Mind

Your mind needs enough space during the day to calm down. Every day we think between 60.000 - 80.000 thoughts and stress only rises up the amount of spiralling thoughts we have. Doing calming activities helps us stay mentally healthy. Meditating, journaling or playing your favourite instrument can be food for your soul.

Self awareness skills


Types of self awareness

We empower sustainable happiness

The first step to getting nearer to a sustainable happiness is taking care of your own mind and body. Reflecting on your own needs and desires will help you design the life you want to live.

Self-awareness is the guiding parameter through this process.

Why is self awareness important

Identifying your needs, restrictions and desires will make you free. Self-awareness comes from looking inside you and prioritising what is important for YOU. It is important because it is your way into a more healthy, happy and balanced YOU.

Benefits of self awareness

The biggest benefit of self awareness is that you will be able to live the life you really want to live, because you know what your needs and desires are. In the long run listening to your inner-self will bring you to your sustainable happy place.

It does not matter what others think is best for you or what you think that you should want. Be truthful to yourself. Listen carefully to your body and identify what it needs. Following your inner-self will guide you to where you really want and need to be. Following diets, rigorous workout plans or obligating yourself to do yoga if you hate it, will not bring you to your sustainable happy place. It is your life and yours to design and to live. balecy is your companion in this life adventure and will guide you through the process of becoming a more healthy and happy you.

Self awareness examples

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