We empower sustainable happiness

Our mission is to guide you to discover, reflect on and create your version of a fulfilled life.
We want to create a conscious and healthy society that is balanced with our planet. We achieve this by offering an intelligent life companion that helps to challenge yourself into new sustainable habits, keep track of daily activities and reflect on your well-being. It gives recommendations to improve mental and physical health while also protecting our environment.

We are a combination of life areas...

Take care of yourself - mentally and physically

Find your inner balance by giving your body and mind space to be active and calm.

Areas that can be a part of your inner-self:
sports, meditation, sleep, journaling, healthy food, hydration, education, reading, drawing, playing an instrument,...

Take care of your social life

Give yourself the space to enjoy yourself with others and support people around you in need

Areas that can be part of your social life:
friends, family, volunteering, networking, concerts, dinner nights, game nights, dates, donating,...

Take care of our environment

Live a life that is environmentally-friendly and help to protect planet earth

Areas that you can tackle to live environmentally-friendly:
mobility, recycling, plastic reduction, reducing meat and dairy consumption, organic/seasonal/regional food, composting, volunteering, donating, offsetting,...

Take care of your financial sustainability

Investing in yourself and your job gives you freedom in the long-run

Areas that support your economics:
work, university, networking, workshops, savings, investing, trading, selling, repairing and reusing,...

... and balecy enables you to live the balanced life you want to.

We want to provide with the clarity over the areas you have in your life
and to help you keep track of what is really important to you.
Live the healthiest, most conscious and fullest life you can dream of and in harmony with our planet.