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The balecy life companion App will help you to challenge yourself to adopt new habits, prioritise your areas of life, reflect on them and set goals for them. balecy will enable you to live a more healthy, conscious and full life while also taking care of our planet.​

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With our balecy app you will have the chance to choose out of an offering of challenges to help you create new habits. You will also have the possibility to create your own challenges and to share them with friends to challenge each other. With statistics and weekly summaries you will get an overview of how you have distributed your time and will be able to track your progress.

Healthy Lifestyle Challenges

With challenges ranging from your inner-self to your economics you can reach that healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
Challenge your inner-self (e.g.) to do more sports, eat healthier or trying out meditation.
Challenge your social life (e.g.) by organising a dinner for your friends, calling more regularly your grandparents and volunteering for a cause you care about.
Challenge your environmental commitment (e.g.) by trying to reduce your waste, walking and biking more or changing those inefficient light bulbs.
Challenge your economics (e.g.) by learning new saving methods, reading an efficiency book or visiting more networking events.
The most important thing is that you find your own balance and recognise what is important to you to focus on the activities that will give you joy and happiness in the long run.
Create that healthy and sustainable lifestyle you have been dreaming about.

Habit Tracker

Our balecy app can also be used to track your daily habits and activities. You can create and track your own habits. Furthermore, what starts as a challenge can be converted into a daily habit, so that you keep track of them. Use our balecy app to find the habits that make you feel good and track them until they belong to your lifestyle.

Sustainability App

is not only a challenges and habits app, but it guides you to lifestyle and mindset change. As a sustainability app it helps you to reduce your environmental footprint by helping you to reduce your waste, emissions, etc. But we understand sustainability as a combination. To be sustainable you need to find the balance between your different activities. Sustainability is defined as the balance between the economics, the social life and the environmental protection. balecy helps you to find this sustainability in your own life. Protect your life and needs, while also protecting our environment.

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