Take care of your financial sustainability


Investing in yourself, your education and your job to reach financial sustainability will provide you freedom in the long-run. There are many ways to spend and take care of your finances. Reflecting wisely on how to spend, save and invest your money and time will support your journey towards sustainable happiness.



Why does financial sustainability matter?

Financial sustainability gives you the freedom to think about other matters. When money is short it is very difficult to focus on something else, since money pays for our food and survival. Finding the good balance between spending, saving and investing can support your journey into financial sustainability. Furthermore, educating yourself and staying up-to-date about new technologies and business opportunities will keep your doors open to new financial streams.


There are different ways to talk about business. Let us describe here business as your life. In your life you need to satisfy different aspects: there could be a vision, you should be providing positive value to our society and environment, and the finances should be right, so that your business stays afloat for many years. You can invest in new products to make your business (life) more enjoyable or efficient, you can save for your pension and/or relaxing vacations by putting money aside or just spending less. Spending less money can be a very environmentally-friendly and social action. Consuming less, pollutes less, for example, recycling or repairing clothes is good for your pocket and the planet.

balecy guides you through the journey to support your life business and finances from education to savings, working, investing and networking with the right people. To achieve sustainable happiness your basic economical needs also need to be considered.


Investment in the typical economics sense is understood as investing your money on a company to obtain financial returns. At balecy we consider investments of monetary aspects, as well as, of your time. Where, when and for what you invest your time can be as valuable in the returns as investing your money.
When investing your money different aspects can be considered as the returns and the risks implicit in your investment. Furthermore, one could take a close look what the invested money will be used for. Green investments provide a great opportunity to use your money for climate-friendly activities and support the transition to a carbon-neutral world.
Looking at your investment of the time resource, balecy takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of understanding where your years, days and minutes are best spent for your personal purpose. Investing your time wisely and consciously will support your journey to sustainable happiness.


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