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Climate Change is getting more tangible everyday and many social movements have started to mobilise individuals to help in the protection of our environment. As individuals we have the power to shift how certain products are produced, packaged and shipped, we can reduce and offset our CO2 footprint and minimise the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans, amongst others.



Why does environmental sustainability matter?

Do you know what we all have in common? Planet earth.

We are all living on the same planet and using its resources to survive. But there are some parts of the world that use up more resources from the planet than others. It is our obligation to support, protect and nourish our environment as much as we can, so that future generations can also experience our planet as we have. Predictions are being made that if we do not shift and change the path we are going currently we will be encountering very serious problems in the next decades.

Climate Change

Climate Change has gained more attention in the last years and organisations as the IPCC are providing valuable facts and descriptions of where the planet will head if we do not change our behaviours. Varying temperatures have existed in the past and will continue varying in the future due to natural reasons. The problem is, that in the last centuries human activities have increased the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, amongst others, accelerating the process. Climate Change is having big impacts on our earth as increased temperatures, glaciers shrinking, acidification of the oceans, sea levels rising, etc. All these consequences to human activities which are harming our environment are putting our lives on earth on jeopardy.

Your Contribution

As breathing human beings we are all contributing to climate change and it is very difficult in western societies to live in a carbon-neutral manner. But balecy is here to support you on the journey into a more sustainable lifestyle. At balecy we want to support the transition into a more climate-friendly world, because we know that we will not be able to reach sustainable happiness if our planet is suffering. We will guide and support you to shift certain habits into more sustainable ones and empower you on your contribution to a healthier planet.


Natural Environment

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